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About Us

Can big-data be distilled into big value? Binary Astronauts mission is to help businesses and individuals to make sense of big-data. This blog is devoted to the explarotary analysis of online markets and social networks, largely through network analysis and data visualization. Binary Astronauts brings value to online communities by developing niche-specific tools and applications.

Binary Astronauts was founded by a group of computer scientists and software engineers in June 2013.


General Inquiries

Please use the information on the left for general inquiries and questions. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


Data Sets

If you want to request one of the data sets used in our studies please contact us via datasets@binaryastronauts.com If the data set you are requesting is freely available elsewhere, we will provide a link to it as part of the study. Note: we cannot provide proprietary data.